Plan Your Marriage—Not Just a Wedding

Understatement of the year: A lot of work goes into planning a wedding. From picking the centerpieces to booking vendors, there are endless tasks to complete. However, more time and effort goes into a marriage, and frankly, that’s more important. Yes, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of planning the biggest day of your lives, and really, I think that’s fine! Choosing each detail and checking off to-do’s is a fun and memorable experience—but that shouldn’t be “it.” I’m certain that you both have often discuss your celebration to great lengths, but what I’ve found is that Read More

Question: What is the REVonCall “process”?

Answer:  Let me outline how I typically proceed with my couples…

1. Go to the homepage of this website and click on the “Contact” tab.  A small form will appear.  Fill it out and click “Submit”.  That will give me the basic information I need.  When I receive this information, I’ll acknowledge.  If I have an opening on the date you have chosen for your wedding, I’ll go ahead and pencil in that date on my calendar.  I won’t give it away without your permission.  More on the contract later.

2. When I reply, I’ll suggest that we meet face-to-face … Read More