Question: What are your gas/travel charges?

Answer: If the wedding venue in Greensboro, I don’t add any gas/travel charges.

If the wedding takes place outside of the immediate Greensboro area, I typically charge $0.55/mile.  This is the current gas/travel allowance allowed by the IRS and generally covers my gas/car maintenance expenses I incur.

I consider this to be a nominal charge for gas/travel.  Here’s why: I don’t actually cover the time it takes for me to travel to and from the wedding venue.  For example, a wedding in Winston-Salem will take me 45 minutes of travel one way.  That’s 90 minutes for a round trip.  If I attend the rehearsal, that amounts to three (3) hours of travel that will go unreimbursed.

For long distance venues that will require an overnight stay, in addition to the $0.55/mile charge, I will ask for lodging reimbursement as well.


Rev G

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