Question: What is the REVonCall “process”?

Answer:  Let me outline how I typically proceed with my couples…

1. Go to the homepage of this website and click on the “Contact” tab.  A small form will appear.  Fill it out and click “Submit”.  That will give me the basic information I need.  When I receive this information, I’ll acknowledge.  If I have an opening on the date you have chosen for your wedding, I’ll go ahead and pencil in that date on my calendar.  I won’t give it away without your permission.  More on the contract later.

2. When I reply, I’ll suggest that we meet face-to-face as soon as possible.  Typically, I will invite you to meet me here at my home (1819 Tiffany Pl., Greensboro, NC). If that’s not convenient, I try to split the distance to make it more convenient.  If you live a long distance away and meeting here is not possible, I will suggest meeting you via Skype.  In the past, that has worked well for my long distance, out-of-state couples.

3. The initial meeting serves two purposes.  One, to become acquainted and to see if there is a “fit”. Two, I like to go over a draft of the wedding ceremony script which I will personalize for you.  More on that later.  This meeting takes about an hour and is at no cost/no obligation.  There’s no reason to be anxious about meeting me!  We’ll have a casual conversation about you both, how you met, how long you’ve know each other.  I love hearing stories about how you met, where you grew up, and what attracted you to each other. I will also ask about your families.  Of course, I enjoy talking about my experience, education, and training which qualifies me to be a wedding officiant/minister.

4.  To prepare the script that we will go over during this initial meeting, I will ask you to send me an email describing in detail what type of wedding ceremony you want to have.  I have 10 questions on this website (the “Planning” tab) which will stimulate your thinking about such things as how religious you want the ceremony (also see a blog entry on this topic), do you want to include any customs or traditions (such as the unity candle ceremony), will you write your own vows (see another blog post on that question), etc.  Once I receive your reply, I’ll create a personalized draft of the wedding ceremony script for your consideration when we meet.

5.  During our face-to-face meeting, not only will be go over the ceremony script in detail, but I’ll also discuss getting your wedding license and other questions/concerns you may have.  I’ll invite you to take your copy of the script with you and to edit it to make it exactly what you’ve always dreamed of.

6.  Following that meeting, I’ll email you a contract for your consideration.  If acceptable, I’ll ask you to send me a signed/completed copy along with the appropriate deposit/booking fee.  The contract will specify exactly what that amount is (see the “Pricing” section of this website).

7.  If necessary, we’ll meet again or talk by phone to finalize the script and talk about other details.

I hope this helps you understand the “process”. Of course, if you have questions at this time, please feel free to email me or call me.


Rev G

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